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The AMAIZE® collection’s most luxurious carpet is the floor of your dreams. Wonderfully weighty, with the highest pile weight of the entire collection, Heron brings luxurious feel good comfort underfoot. Infused with dazzling colours, Heron is the ideal blend of pure unadulterated luxury and spellbinding good looks. What’s more, thanks to its high-quality construction, this stylish carpets provides excellent acoustic absorption and thermal insulation. Robust and low-maintenance to cope with the demands of daily life, like all AMAIZE® carpets, Heron offers a five-year guarantee against stains.

Manufacturing process
Tufting 1/8” twist pile
Pile weight
ca. 2.200 gr/m2
Pile content
100% PTT triexta AMAIZE®
Pile height
ca. 12 mm

Technical data